Property appraisal

The most secure way to determine the market value of your property is by using an experienced realtor who is active regularly in your area.


Avoid determining yourself the value based on prices advertised in local adds because lots of times these estates are overpriced and are not ideal for price comparison. In generally, whichever comparison you may make, make sure to include the following components for value estimating:

  • Price per square meter and not per property
  • Property‚Äôs age
  • Number of floors or on which floor an apartment is on for example
  • Assets & liabilities of the property (view, area, brightness, parking, type of heating, etc.)
  • And the most important component of all, offer and demand for such type of property in your area.

We in Paros Property having the experience and knowledge of the market, shall offer you, after examining your property, an experienced and professional value estimation of the price that according to the current market, your property is worth.

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